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Arc Jet S is your compass when you are looking for a high-performance thumb compass with the Spectra speed dial graphics on the capsule. The Spectra pattern consists of reference marks and numbers, designed to simplify your orienteering. This compass has all the high-end qualities that you need for fast navigation while running and comes in left and right versions depending on your preference.

The Arc-series is built on the Silva Jet 2.0 needle and a reworked capsule design. The new needle have been designed to provide the perfect balance between speed and stability and it has been tested by elite orienteers throughout the development process. The combination of the new capsule and the needle, give you a compass with world class performance in speed and settling time, transparency and unmatched needle stability.

Customize your Arc Jet S
The thumb baseplate has a unique design with a cut-out to provide perfect contact between thumb and map, and an attachable thumb plate for those who prefer the more classic thumb grip. Simply slide it on/off to the baseplate with a simple click, try it out and see what you like the best. Furthermore, the thumb bands are easy to adjust and comes in two versions, a soft and a firm band. They are both included in the package and are rubberized at the inside for optimal friction, making sure the compass stays in place and fits comfortably on your hand.

If you want to add map scales on to your compass in order to easily measure distances on the orienteering map, simply attach one of the included scale stickers on the baseplate. The Arc Jet S compass comes with four different scales; 1:15 k, 1:10 k, 1:7.5 k or 1:4 k.

Spectra speed dial
The Arc Jet S has an updated, more clean version of the original Silva Spectra System and it is developed to simplify your orienteering. The Spectra speed dial consists of reference markings and numbers on the capsule. You just need to memorize the number that the needle is pointing at after completing step 2 of the Silva 1-2-3 system and the sighting line will guide you in the right direction as long as the needle stays pointing at that number.

Designed like a clock, the speed dial is easy to read and memorize and enables you to move faster and more accurately while orienteering. No matter if you are an elite or leisure orienteer, the Spectra speed dial will help you stay on the right course at high speed while reducing mistakes.

When every second matters
Combine your Arc Jet S compass with the Arc Zoom magnifier as an optional accessory. The Zoom is easily attached to the baseplate of your thumb compass and helps you with faster and more accurate map reading, perfect when every second matters. Due to its functional design, it is well integrated with the compass.



Provides world class performance in needle speed and settling time and it offers outstanding reliability and stability


Features an updated, more clean design of the Silva Spectra graphics for quicker navigation


The unique arc wing design gives extra thumb support and stability


Removable thumb plate, two different thumb bands and four scale stickers included



  • Silva Jet 2.0 needle. Unmatched needle speed and settling time.
  • Spectra speed dial graphics
  • Arc wing design for extra support and stability.
  • The baseplate design allows thumb contact with the map.
  • Attachable thumb plate. Slide it on/off to the baseplate.
  • Two thumb bands included, soft and firm.
  • Attachable scale stickers: 1:15 k, 1:10 k, 1:7.5 k, 1:4 k.
  • Friction element for improved friction against the map.
  • Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions.
  • Tested and approved by Tove Alexandersson


Arc Jet S package includes:
Arc Jet S thumb compass (left or right), thumb plate, four different scale stickers and two thumb bands.


Compasses are our heritage and Silva compasses have long been the first choice among orienteers around the world. Developed with almost 90 years of experience, and in collaboration with the best in the sport, the new compasses from Silva provides an unmatched needle stability when you are on the move to complete your mission, being first to the next checkpoint.


å± 1å¡ (17.8 mils)

Included accessories

Soft & Firm thumb bands, detachable thumb plate, 4 scale stickers

Magnetic zone

Magnetic North

Measuring scales

1:4000; 1:7.500; 1:10.000; 1:15.000


Jet 2.0 Needle

Rubber friction feet



86 x 84 x 11 mm

Spectra Speed Dial



Left, Right


5 years



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