Compact Carbon Ultra Evo Trekking Poles (Black)



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Z-pole style folding, fixed length carbon / aluminium pole. In addition to being light, these poles fold easily in 4 sections for compact storage (40cm when folded).


With ergonomic EVA foam grips and simple wrist loops, these poles provide exceptional comfort. The Compact Ultra Pole is ideal for taking some of the weight off the trail.

This upgraded version utilises a mix of carbon and aluminium sections to reduce vibration in use and give improved location and locking of sections.

  • Weight: 170g per pole. 110cm
  • Fixed Lengths: 110 or 123cm
  • 40cm folded
  • Pole diameters: Ø 16mm / 14mm
  • Simple and quick unfolding, locking by tensioning wire
  • Comfortable and adjustable wrist strap
  • Universal basket
  • Hook and loop straps to keep closed/storage
  • Sections: 2 x Carbon. 2 x 7075 Aluminium
  • Tip: Tungsten Carbide
  • Handle: EVA Foam
Care instructions
  • Wipe clean and dry if muddy or wet. Including connecting ferrules
  • Leave sections separated until fully dry
  • If you see white residue on Aluminium ferrules, this is normal oxidation from wet use. Clean off with mild soapy warm water

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