Silva Headlamp Bar Mount - Cross Trail & Trail Speed

Silva Sweden


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Bar mount for your Trail Speed or Cross Trail headlamp, it enables you to mount and use your headlamp as a bike light. The bar mount is designed to fit handlebars with a dimension between 25-32 mm. Fits all headlamps in the Trail Speed and Cross Trail series.

With high demands on flexibility and comfort, Silva headlamps are modular and can easily be shifted between your headband, helmet, jacket, backpack or bicycle handlebar by using the attachments in our range.

As part of the Silva Connection System, our brackets alongside our wide battery range offer a lot of flexibility and enable easy adaption for several activities. With just a few snaps and clicks you can use the same headlamp for different activities.

Hint: If you want to use your headlamp at multiple bicycles, buy an extra bar mount and simply move the light unit and battery between them for a smoother transition.


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