Jetboil 'Stash' cooking system (lightest, 0.8L)



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As the name implies, the 'Stash' is built to be lightweight and compact, maximising your pack space without sacrificing that iconic Jetboil performance.

At only 238g, the 0.8L volume 'Stash' is 40% lighter than it's equal volume cousin, the 'Zip'.


  • Stand-alone stove with titanium burner and .8L FluxRing cook pot is the lightest Jetboil system ever made.
  • FluxRing technology ensures a rapid 2.5 Min boil time.
  • Nesting design makes taking anywhere compact and easy.
  • Cook Pot with Lid and attached pour handle makes for easy handling.
  • Fuel stabilizer keeps everything stable and steady.
  • Storage for 100g JetPower Fuel Canister makes adventuring anywhere easy.*

*canister not included

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